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Proudly bonded by

Canada Customs.

Proudly bonded by Canada Customs.

Our sufferance warehouse is bonded by the Canada Border Services Agency, allowing us to conduct intact container examinations. The facility is approximately 100,000 square feet and it has 12 loading docks, 7 railcar loading bays, and grade doors.


Authorized by Port

Metro Vancouver.

Authorized by Port Metro Vancouver.

Sandhar Trucking is authorized to access all major ports and rails in Greater Vancouver. We are classified by Port Metro Vancouver as a large fleet carrier that provides daily container trucking service to and from Deltaport, Vanterm, Centerm, Fraser Surrey Docks, CN Rail, and CP Rail.




Sandhar Trucking is one of the only trucking companies in Vancouver, BC that services all the ports/rails, operates a bonded warehouse and has a fleet of 5-ton trucks, flat-decks and 53’ trailers. Most trucking companies in BC specialize in a certain area, but at Sandhar Trucking, we are a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

We are authorized by The Port of Vancouver to access Deltaport, Vanterm, Centerm and Fraser Surrey Docks. We pickup imports and drop-off exports using our own trucks and trailers. When using our drayage service, you can be sure we are not subcontracting to other trucking companies in Vancouver. We are proud to use our own equipment and not third parties for our container deliveries. Feel free to call us for more information about how we can help with your container trucking needs. We have experienced staff members that will understand your requirements and provide you with safe transport solutions.

Our exceptional customer service skills are why we offer a premium transportation and warehousing service in BC. We are dedicated to ensuring we exceed our customers expectations for every pickup and delivery. We understand that communication is key in this industry and that is why we stay in touch with our customers on a regular basis. We confirm deliveries a minimum of 24 hours prior to avoid having costly issues. By having a proactive approach to our operations, we minimize mistakes and keep our customers satisfied.

We always try to give our customers options that work best with their schedules. Before dispatching a truck, we call shipping or receiving warehouses to find out their hours of operations and learn about their delivery requirements and preferences. After we obtain this information, then we book appointments that work best with the warehouse’s schedule. We have become one of the leading trucking companies in BC because we know how to synchronize our operations with other warehouses schedules.

About Us


Sandhar Trucking Ltd. is a family owned transportation and warehousing company that was founded in Richmond BC. With over 30 years of industry experience, Sandhar Trucking has expanded its services throughout Canada to include LTL / FTL trucking, container drayage, flat-deck transport and warehousing.

In addition to transportation, Sandhar Trucking operates an 100,000 square foot sufferance warehouse in Delta BC that is authorized to conduct CBSA examinations. Whether you require short or long-term storage, or if you just need a cross docking facility, Sandhar Trucking can help you find innovative solutions for your transportation and warehousing needs.


Trust the Leading Trucking Company in Vancouver for All Your Transportation Needs


When you want your transportation needs met, there is only one trucking company that you can rely on, Sandhar Trucking. We are the leading trucking company in Vancouver that provides services to all the BC area’s rails and ports. We help pick up and drop-off imports and exports using our trailers and trucks. Our trucking services in BC have helped numerous companies establish their operations, and we are proud that our equipment for our container deliveries.

Our staff members are all experienced and will study your requirements and offer you safe transport solutions. We ensure that our customers have no room for complaints as our exceptional customer support always keeps them informed about every pickup and delivery. Our dedication towards our customers has made us one of the leading names for trucking services in BC.

Trust Us for Trucking Services in BC

At Sandhar Trucking, we place our clients’ needs and know that communication is key to ensuring a satisfying service. That is why we remain in constant touch with our clients and ensure that they have complete knowledge of their pickup and delivery.

We also provide cross-docking in BC to our clients to never worry about anything. Our ability to synchronize our trucking operations with warehouse schedules has allowed us to become the leading trucking company in Vancouver. Our ability to meet all your warehousing and transportation requirements is why we are the best in the business. So, if you require cross-docking in BC or trucking services in BC, trust Sandhar Trucking for all your transportation needs.

The Sandhar Process

Our company is approved by The Port of Vancouver to access all major ports including Deltaport, Vanterm, Centerm and Fraser Surrey Docks. We also provide service to both CN Rail and CP Rail.


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